“What a great place! Staff is amazing and the kids are taught so many fun & exciting things!! The Love and Care that is shown to the children is absolutely Awesome!!!! Highly Recommend them to Everyone!!
— Jodi Therriault
My children have attended Pumpkin Patch for a few years. We made a move from another local pre-school after several friends had recommended Pumpkin Patch to us. My daughters absolutely love this school. My youngest had a great experience in Tiny Patch when she was younger, and both kids have a great experience with big Patch! My children really enjoy the field trips, the outdoor adventures, indoor learning games, and learning how to care for animals. The kids are very happy and friendly to one another, which speaks volumes for how teachers interact with the students. Teachers are also very welcoming when parents want to stop by or spend a little extra time with their kids by volunteering or just hanging around to observe their kids.
— Heather Snyder
We have had both of our children at Pumpkin Patch since they each were babies. For five years our son, and three years, our daughter, have flourished and been loved by Adrienne and her staff. The Montessori program prepared our son incredibly well for kindergarten, and he is testing with very high scores in math and language. But most notably, he was emotionally prepared to be in kindergarten. Pumpkin Patch focuses on developing all aspects of the child, and we have found the staff to be very knowledgeable, loving and supportive of helping our children to grow. Our kids are happy, content and excited to be there each day. My husband and I both need to work to provide for our family, and to be able to entrust them each day to Pumpkin Patch gives us peace of mind. We’re grateful we chose this preschool five years ago. We will continue to be part of the Patch family for many years to come.
— Emily Kovarik
Our children have flourished and grown immensely at Pumpkin Patch! It is an immaculately clean, darling and adorable child care with teachers that truly love and care for the kids. The teachers are highly trained, compassionate, creative and energetic! Being a part of the Pumpkin Patch village has created a peace of mind in our balance of nourishing both career and family. The diligence and thoughtfulness in their approach to the teaching and nurturing of kids is incredible!
— Jessy Kappelman