Heather Snyder

My children have attended Pumpkin Patch for a few years. We made a move from another local pre-school after several friends had recommended Pumpkin Patch to us. My daughters absolutely love this school. My youngest had a great experience in Tiny Patch when she was younger, and both kids have a great experience with big Patch! My children really enjoy the field trips, the outdoor adventures, indoor learning games, and learning how to care for animals. The kids are very happy and friendly to one another, which speaks volumes for how teachers interact with the students. Teachers are also very welcoming when parents want to stop by or spend a little extra time with their kids by volunteering or just hanging around to observe their kids.

My kids come home every afternoon happy and tired. I can’t think of a better feeling as a parent knowing my kids have a school that gives that to them every day.
— Heather Snyder
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